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In a society dominated by heteronormativity, I am drawn to the power of found photographs as a way of gleaning insight into the experiences of gay men throughout history.  These castoff images often found in thrift stores and online can offer a glimpse into the lives of unknown individuals.  By examining images of men through the 20th century, possible histories emerge providing a sense of place for persons existing on the margins of society.

Through the process of screen printing and mixed media I am able to create a dialog between past and present.  This combination examines the ways in which history and memory are constructed forging new visual narratives. These stories create a sense of intimacy and personal connection with the subjects, while recognizing the social and cultural contexts in which they were taken.

This body of work presents a unique way of seeing.  By centering these images through the lens of queer history I aim to validate and humanize the experiences of gay men.  It is my hope that this perspective will broaden understanding and offer a new way to think about history, identity and representation.

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